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Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal

There is that moment when your child comes to you and asks for help. That moment when what he is asking seems daunting. That moment when what he wants to do is way over his head (and quite frankly, mine too). That moment when he is so determined. That moment when I want to do everything I can to help. That moment happened. That moment turned into an experience.

As a parent, I do my best to help my children in every aspect. No matter what…. even if what one particular child wants to do is a little unconventional for a kids his age.

But that’s my son, a little unconventional at times. And when he gets an idea in his head, he won’t rest until his idea becomes a reality.

My 8 year old son, Luke, came to me one day shortly after school let out for the summer and told me he wanted to write a book. I do what I usually do. I pointed him to the card stock paper, handed him the stapler and a box of pens.

“No, Mom. A real book. Like one of my chapter books.”

Whoa! Um…. OK. I started in with a few questions, like “Do you know what you want your book to be about?”, “Who are your characters?”, “What problems or situations will your characters face?” I am asking these questions as though I know what I am doing.

You need to understand something about Luke. He loves books and has such a voracious appetite for reading. He reads everything from fantasy and mystery to Diary of a Wimpy Kid (let’s face it, all kids his age are reading that series).

We sat down later that evening and wrote down his ideas. We did this each evening for a few days. As we were brainstorming ideas and even beginning to write the first chapter, I came to the realization that my son really, truly wanted to get this book idea written and published. And after about a week or two, I came to another realization… I am NOT a fiction writer. I don’t have the creativity to put into words all these ideas my son was having.

Not wanting to let my son down, I did want any mother would do…. I called in a favor to  A). the one person I knew who had the creative mind to do the writing, and B). the one person who would WANT to help. My dad.

Over the next few months my dad took Luke’s ideas and provided a road, created the characters, and painted the scenery along the road they traveled.

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal, is the result of all the ideas. AND it is now available through Amazon. (P.S. You are more than welcome to pick up a copy for yourself and/or your kids)

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal available through AmazonThe story deals in part with making wise choices, responsibility, dealing with bullies, and conquering fear. Without being too obvious, lessons have been incorporated to strengthen human relationships and the readers will learn through the experiences of the characters.

The day we received our copies of the book was an exciting one. Naturally he was thrilled. Want to hear him squeal with joy?


I *might* be a little proud of this guy.

winter hair care + the BEST de-tangler ever

Let me tell you a little about my hair. These winter months are brutal on my hair. When it’s dry my hair is static-y, when there is moisture in the air my hair is static-y. I condition it, I add product, and yet I still get frizz and static. It drives me nuts!!

A friend of mine told me about N4 products, and that I should give them a try.

Winter hair care by N4

I am a changed woman! Or at least my hair, anyway.

I have been using both the Clarifying Shampoo and the Reconstructing Masque and I can tell you, these past few week, my hair has never been better. Our weather has been dry and I have absolutely no problems with static-y hair. I love the N4 brand and the way it makes my hair feel.


Now, let me tell you a little about my daughter’s hair. It tangles. All. The. Time.

 Tangled mess of hair

She truly hated when I had to brush her hair. I went through several brands of de-tangler. I even got the Wet Brush. The Wet Brush was magical and my daughter loves it. We had fewer tears, but it still took a while to brush out all the tangles.

Keeping with my new fav N4 products, they also create a de-tangler. Its the Super Comb Prep + Protect. This stuff, combined with the Wet Brush has been pure delight. I have tried several brands of de-tangler and THIS stuff is by far the BEST product I have come across. My daughter calls it the “Magic Spray” and trust me when I say, she is right. Our mornings are so much more pleasant.


Before and after using N4 Prep and Protect

If you have winter hair problems, or if you have that annoying static hair problem that I had, check out the N4 products. And if you or your daughters (or sons) have massive tangles in the morning – or in my daughter’s case, throughout the day, I can’t recommend the N4 Prep + Protect enough. This stuff is magic!

The Beauty Virtual Distributor is offering readers a 10% discount on all N4 products. Enter promo code cheekywoman at the checkout.


Watch the Prep + Protect in action (p.s. my 6 yr old assistant held the camera for me)



{Disclaimer: I have was not compensated by N4 for my review. I was introduced to this product by a friend and I love it so much that I want to share it with everyone}

Daily Dose of Sass: Be Fabulous

mostly I stand around being fabulous

Cheeky Woman’s 2013 Style Guide to Fall/Winter Boots

Who doesn’t love a fashion post? Here is sunny Southern California we are blessed with 70 degree weather almost all year long. During the Summer, us gals tend to swap out those jeans with shorts and skirts. While the Winter months have us pulling out the boots and sweaters.

With the temperature dropping here in SoCal…. oh! who am I kidding? It’s not really dropping. Last week we had 80 degree weather. Today was a little cooler, but I am still in my flip flops.

I know, it’s practically paradise here.

Whatever. Eventually, I’ll have to put away my sandals and cover my toes. On that note, my fashion friends, I have THE boot guide for this season. Ok, so maybe a few are last season, but they are still in style. And I like them, so they made the list.



fall boot guide


Pair these knee-hi boots with a pair of skinny’s or leggings and an over-sized chambray or sweater and you’ve got yourself a go-to outfit this Fall.

fall boot guide knee-hi1. Burberry  2. Tory Burch  3. Giuseppe Zanotti  4. Michael Kors
5. American Eagle  6. Tory Burch  7. Brooks Brothers  8. Tory Burch

fall boot guide mid calf1. Gianvito Rossi  2. Nine West  3. Jimmy Choo  4. Minnetonka5. Jean-Michel Cazabat  6. Mint Velvet  7. Moda  8. BCBG

fall boot guide ankle booties1. Armani  2. Lanvin    3. DSquared  4. Chinese Laundry
5. Jessica Simpson  6. Coach  7. Jil Sander  8. Burberry

And for my inner rocker who occasionally makes an appearance

fall boot guide sass1. Steve Madden  2. Sam Edelman  3. Givenchy  4. Alice + Olivia
5. Alexander McQueen  6. Armani  7. Giuseppe Zanotti  8. Andere Kleuren

Is it OK to covet? Because I am currently coveting these Armani booties. You like? (I may need to win the lottery in order to buy these.)

Armani ankle boot

Daily Dose of Sass: End of the Day

feel better than bra off

Am I right, girls?

E-Greetings {gasp!!}

As a stationery and greeting card designer I may be a wee bit biased, but I love the moment I get the mail and see a hand-written envelope addressed to me. Hand written notes in the midst of bills and grocery store mailers are a welcome delight.

I know I am not alone on this. Birthday cards, thank you notes, thinking of you cards, I love them all.

However, admittedly there are times I use e-greetings.


I know. I know.

The story goes like this… I completely failed one day. I forgot my brother & sister’s birthday ( they’re twins). I have no excuse. I just forgot. At the end of the day I panicked. It was too late to call either of them, so I did what any remorseful sibling would do to save face. Since instant is always faster than snail mail, I sent each of them an e-greeting card. And they loved the cards I chose. OK, so maybe LOVED is a bit of an over-statement. It was appreciated at the very least.

As much as I love sending (and receiving) hand written cards in the mail, SOMETIMES sending a e-greeting is totally fine, and even a better alternative.

Available on Celebrations.com are a few gems from the Cheeky Woman collection, along with several of my popular cards and invitations.

Gatsby collection-cheeky womanIf you need a save-the-date, bridal shower, baby shower, a birthday party for kids, or even an invite to a football viewing party, I’ve got you covered.

save the date-cheeky womanbaby shower-cheeky womanice cream party cheeky woman

p.s. I did not send my siblings my own designs on their birthday. There are many talented independent designers sharing their love and talent on celebrations. Go and see for yourself!


Daily Dose of Sass: Chocolate counts as salad

chocolate is a salad

I feel justified.

How about you?

I’m back

You know it has been a long time since posting on here when I forget my login…

I decided to take a small break over the summer while the kiddos were out of school, little did I realize that this little break of mine would drag on… and on. I wanted to blog – there were even times when something would stand out to me and I would think, “I need to blog about that.”

And then I don’t.

Well, here I am to revive this blog and perhaps share those things from before and much. much more.

One of those somethings…

There is a book in the works. My super, smart, brilliant, son (OK, so I may be a tad bit biased), wanted to write a book. So he did. Details on this coming up soon, but I will say that this project is almost done. It will be published, self published, but published nonetheless.

I have been working on a few illustrations for this book and wanted to share just a few of the sketches.


My son is very excited to see his dream turn into a reality, and as a mom, I feel very fortunate to help him along this path.

Come See Me

Sadly, the blog had to take a back seat lately. With all the end of the year school projects, events etc, and the death of my Grandma, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and a little uninspired.

Being in a creative industry I think there is this expectation that creativity flows like Manna from Heaven. {All. The. Time.} The truth is that it doesn’t. And I don’t claim to pretend that I’ve “got it” when I really don’t. Which explains the lack of blogging.

My Grandma Kirkie, a true Southern Belle, recently passed away. She was 99. Talk about a life lived well! She saw a lot of changes throughout her life. A century’s worth of changes and technological advances.


A few years ago, I had my husband take a picture of the two of us with my phone. As he handed the phone back, I showed Grams the picture and she said, “What is that? Is that a phone or a camera?” When I explained that it is both she said, “Wow! Everyone should have one of those magic phones.” Indeed Grandma. Everyone should.

This is that photo.

 Grandma Kirkie

Grams was one of the inspirations behind Cheeky Woman. She reinforced good manners, always being polite, and the importance of keeping in touch and writing hand written notes. Grandma was always witty and remained sassy until the end of her life. At age 99, death was expected and it was bittersweet when I got the call. Selfishly, I was sad that I will no longer visit with her, paint her fingernails, or share stories about my life and her great-grandchildren; she always loved knowing what was going on in our life. However, I am happy that she no longer has any pain.

manicure with Grams

As we left Grandma’s house, or she left ours, Grams would always say, “Come see me.” It was her way of saying, let’s do this again soon.

As I am feeling more inspired as of late, with new ideas to share, I do hope you come back soon. And keeping in the tradition of Grams,

come see me.


Meet Ellie


You may have seen a few posts in the past about my love of running, or if you follow me on instagram, you’ve definitely seen it there (btw… are you following me? Do I follow you?)

Some days I live in my workout clothes. And to be completely honest, there are days I put on the spandex, lace up my shoes, and never never make time for that workout I originally planned. And then there are days I am up before the crack of dawn hitting the pavement or hitting the gym, only to continue to wear my workout clothes all day. Kind of gross, I know. Rest assured, I shower before climbing into bed.

I am always on the hunt for workout clothes that fits well, looks good, and fits my budget. That’s when I discovered Ellie.

(Click this link NOW!! Check them out and then come back here. I have a surprise for you)


Before I get into it, let me show you a few pieces:

From the Coral Crush collection: It takes Two top. I am in love with the look and feel of this style. (I am not the only one either – this one sold out quickly! but you’re in luck, they just got a new shipment, so they are back in stock!

ellie top


How about a pair of comfortable workout leggings? These are the My New Obsession Leggings, from the Love, Ellie collection.

Ellie workout leggings

Also from the Love, Ellie collection: Catch Me If You Can long sleeve top. I cannot even describe the softness of this top. It keeps me warm on my morning runs, but is breathable and allows me to not get too hot. I could live in this top. Also, it has thumb holes ;)

 catch me if you can Ellie

 (I’m wearing this today)

 I first discovered Ellie from a friend. After looking over the site and falling in love with the concept of Ellie and the style of these workout clothes I created my fit profile and signed up for the Fit Fashionista Club. Honestly, if you need workout clothes (or just want new ones), this is your best option. Read about how it works on their site.

Free shipping for club members, priority access to each new collection, flash sales, members only events, and in my opinion superior workout clothing.

Are you ready for the surprise?

20 percent of Ellie

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose…  except for a few inches and extra pounds, but we don’t want those anyway.


Disclaimer: I love Ellie products and after shouting it from the rooftops for a while I became an Ellie Ambassador. I only share this with you because I genuinely love their product and wear them. The outfits featured on me in the photos, were bought by ME. I did not receive compensation of any kind to write this post.