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Happiness Project: Month 3 Review

Alrighty friends, so I know I am a teensy weensy bit late on this one, but I since I am still following through with my year long Happiness Project with Chronically Distracted I am still posting on it… albeit late.

So month 3, March, was the month I focused on being a more intentional parent and to better allocate my time (or become a better juggler with my time).  Being a more intentional parent was all that difficult once I got a schedule down. Starting a business, helping my husband start his, combined with everything else we have going on, always left on brain overload. When I was playing, reading, or otherwise engaging with the kids there was always something else I was thinking about. Splitting my focus was leaving me feeling guilty about not being fully present with my kids.

These babes are my life. They will never be this little again. Oh! and don’t let that serious look of my oldest son fool you… he is the little joker of the family.


I changed it all by incorporating child swaps with some friends and creating dedicated work time. During this time, with the kids off at school or grandma’s house, or friend’s homes, I focus solely on work related matters. And when the kids are home it is their time. We talk about school, we work on homework together, we go on adventures, we play at the park, or any number of activities. And my thoughts are centered on them, which is how is should be. ALWAYS.

One of my favorite activities was a trip to the dollar store. Why had I not thought of this before??? WE pull up and I gave each of my 3 kids $2.00 – (Yep! I am a big spender). I told them that they can pick out any 2 things they wanted. Anything. For a little kid, this is PURE FUN. My two younger ones spent a good deal of time finding just the right item – it was toys for them. And truth be told, my daughter handed me at least 20 toys that she wanted in the time that we were there.  My “much older” and “more mature” 6 year old, wasn’t too excited about this at first. In fact, the first thing to come out of his mouth was, “But the toy I want is at Toys R Us”.  Hmmm. “Let’s just go see what we can find,” I told him. He ended up with a sweet ninja sword that he still enjoys.

It was a $6.00 activity and fun for everyone.

My productivity has increased and I have so much more patience with the kids because I am not thinking about my “to do” list. And the best part, is that I have gotten so much more clarity and inspiration on particular things.

March was a great month for the Happiness Project… I will report on April soon – this month the focus was Love & Marriage.


  1. Linda Z says:

    Sounds like you have a really great schedule going!!! So glad it’s working out. Your kiddos are just gorgeous. :)

  2. Maegan says:

    That is an awesome recap! I need to work on that myself… But there are times and days when I am just focusing on not stressing out! Haha! Like today! Kudos lady!

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