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Cheeky Mom

Meet the Cheeky Mom.

You know you’re a Cheeky Mom when you can unfold a stroller, while chatting on your cell, with a baby on your hip and a latte in your hand, and still look great doing it!  The Cheeky Mom can usually pull it off, and laugh when she can’t.  With her girlfriends and diet soda, anything is possible.


A few tid-bits about the Cheeky Mom:

Occupation: Busy mom to 2, and part time hair stylist
Favorite color: Candy Apple Green
Pet: Labrador (chocolate)
Food: Whatever is healthy and quick to fix
Hobbies: blogging & running
Can’t live without: her cell phone and life planner


Are you a mom? Can you relate?




  1. Linda Z says:

    I don’t think I am the cheeky mom, but she is awfully cute! :)

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