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New York: The Food

Yes! I am dedicating an entire post to the food we ate in NYC. I didn’t do much planning or research on the local eateries in NYC before heading out of town. While there, we had a dedicated itinerary on a few of the days, and left room for sight-seeing on others. Those were the days we wanted to really explore, including finding the local hot spots to dine.

We arrived a midnight and got to our hotel at about 1:00AM. By the time we checked in and got settled, it was almost 2AM. We were still on LA time, so it was really only 11PM. With a little nap on the plane, this night owl was ready to play.

What do you do in a strange city at 2AM?

We walked. We explored the neighborhood at 2AM. I tried to Yelp a local eatery because we were both considerably hungry. Our last meal was In N’ Out on the way to the airport (11AM LA time). Sadly, I couldn’t find anything open in our part of town.  As we walked, we passed by several food carts. (In suburbia Orange County we have gourmet food trucks, in Metropolitan New York they have food carts.) So, as we passed by one – it hit me. I HAD to have a Cheese Steak Sandwich.

So we got our Cheese Steaks and walked another block or two and then found this blocked off city street full of tables and chairs. So we sat, ate, and enjoyed the city.

Assessment: Gotta admit – the Cheese Steak was good. Highly recommend it IF you are hungry at 2AM.

On Monday, after a FULL day at the National Stationery Show the hubs an I ventured over to Brooklyn – by way of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, there is a a little known place called Grimaldi’s.

OK, so maybe it’s not exactly an obscure place. This is the line and it went a bit further than that too.  We waited about 45 minutes.The Pizza was great – but HOW did I not take any photos of it?! Between my phone, my husbands, and our other camera – no Grimaldi’s Pizza photos. Sad.

Assessment: Grimaldi’s has a lot of hype around it. But as Pizza goes, it was pretty good.

On another outing, we found ourselves in Hell’s Kitchen. Not knowing where to go, but knowing that there had to be great food nearby, I yelped again. We were both in the mood for different things. Mexican sounded good to me, he mentioned Chinese – we settled on a little Italian place called Capizzi. It had tons of great reviews and it was only a few blocks away. Done. However, we probably walked past this place 4 times before we finally saw it.

Our pizza was cooked in that wood burning oven in the background.

Note to self: Have the Hubs build me a wood burning oven.

Terrible lighting – but damn good pizza.

At this point I am totally OK that we did not go find mexican food.

I told the Hubs that I could possibly eat the whole thing…

…and then I did.

If a whole pizza wasn’t enough, we had to get Cannoli too. Pure. Heaven.

Assessment: Capizzi was the best Pizza I’ve had. By far, much better than pizza from my local pizzeria’s. But, according to our server, our Pizza over here is not REAL pizza.

OK, so next stop on the food tour was a deli. Not just any deli, but Katz’s Delicatessen. Katz’s is over a century old, and is really quite famous. The Hubs had heard of this place and REALLY wanted to go.

Inside the restaurant, the walls are lined with photos; photos of well known actors, musicians, sports figures, dignitaries, politicians, and even a few Presidents (of the United States).

In the middle of the restaurant they have a sign hanging from the ceiling that reads, “Where Harry met Sally” — Remember that scene? You know the one. It was filmed at Katz’s.

I can’t recall the last time I ordered a Pastrami on rye. Come to think if it, not sure I have ever ordered one.


I almost at the whole thing.

Assessment: For a deli to survive a depression and a handful of recessions, they have to be doing something right. I am not a pastrami gal, but I absolutely loved it.

On Wednesday, we didn’t have a ton of time to do much of anything, as we had to get to the airport… but we had just enough time to take the subway up to Magnolia’s to grab a treat before heading home.

Don’t they look scrumptious?

I passed on the cupcakes, and instead asked a few questions about a particular heavenly coconut cake that was staring me down from inside the glass cake dish.

I got the coconut cake.

He got the banana pudding.

We quickly headed back to our hotel to check out and get to the airport. It wasn’t until we had boarded the plane that we pulled out our treats. It was a nice distraction to have as we ended up sitting on the runway for a little over an hour before our plane was released for take-off.

Assessment: Both the Banana Pudding and Coconut cake  were divine.  I loved the frosting. It was not overly sweet. And I highly recommend the Banana Pudding.


  1. I have heard wonderful things about Magnolia Bakery from a dear friend. I to also remember that scene from When Harry met Sally. I guess Yelp helped alot with finding food places in NYC. I have a friend she does food posts just about NYC. Sounds like a blast.

    • Heather says:

      How fun would that be to just review food in NYC. There are honestly too any places to eat, and everyone has an opinion. So when we got hungry, where ever we were, we just used yelp to find something close by. The only exception to that was Katz’s. We were in Central Park when Rob said he wanted to go…. a couple of blocks and 2 subway rides later we were dining on Pastrami :)

  2. Linda Z says:

    Glad you had fun and ate awesome stuff!! You are making me so hungry for all kinds of things I can’t eat!!!

    Congrats on you site being live!! Yay!

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