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Five for Friday

1. After successfully pulling off two birthday parties… with different themes… on one day… one right after the other… I *may* have let the house cleaning/laundry/chores slide this week.

Batman Party for my 5 year old

Jedi Training Academy party for my 7 year old.

2. In love. Welcome home little guy.

3. Adore this style. Perfection.

4. I can’t take these kids anywhere.

Actually, I can. And I do. They just love to play, tease, thrash about, and hug it out.
All with Grandma & Grandpa on either side, while dining at a fancy restaurant.
(fancy = one that does NOT serve chicken nuggets)

5.  Anticipating a few fabulous days of sister time, and cousin shenanigans. CAN’T WAIT.

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