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Five for Friday

Oh! Hello there.

I have been quite busy these last few weeks and felt it was time to update with blog with a few haps; both in personal and business.

1. School started up again, which is exciting (for mama) now that I have all 3 of my kidlets in school. My Little Miss started preschool and she could not be more thrilled. She is the child who kicks and screams when it’s time to go home. **maybe I should look into all-day preschool**


2. Obsessed with Sosie.  I have Kathleen to thank for this new obsession. I adore the stylish and flattering bateau tops. Kind of in love with this kitty print.


3. I love where I live. I really need to take the time to appreciate the view more often.


4. My local Anthropologie hosts a kids event every month. This month was watercolor painting. He’s got the color blocking thing down.

5. Just got back from the gorgeous Napa Valley, where my team and I ran just under 200 miles in 34 hours. For a bunch of women who dabble in running, that’s not too shabby. That’s my sister and I.

(She is about to take her turn running and I just got back – which explains why she looks GORGEOUS and I am a hot mess.)

p.s. I just ordered *NEW* packaging for those sassy greeting cards. Can’t wait!

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