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Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal

There is that moment when your child comes to you and asks for help. That moment when what he is asking seems daunting. That moment when what he wants to do is way over his head (and quite frankly, mine too). That moment when he is so determined. That moment when I want to do everything I can to help. That moment happened. That moment turned into an experience.

As a parent, I do my best to help my children in every aspect. No matter what…. even if what one particular child wants to do is a little unconventional for a kids his age.

But that’s my son, a little unconventional at times. And when he gets an idea in his head, he won’t rest until his idea becomes a reality.

My 8 year old son, Luke, came to me one day shortly after school let out for the summer and told me he wanted to write a book. I do what I usually do. I pointed him to the card stock paper, handed him the stapler and a box of pens.

“No, Mom. A real book. Like one of my chapter books.”

Whoa! Um…. OK. I started in with a few questions, like “Do you know what you want your book to be about?”, “Who are your characters?”, “What problems or situations will your characters face?” I am asking these questions as though I know what I am doing.

You need to understand something about Luke. He loves books and has such a voracious appetite for reading. He reads everything from fantasy and mystery to Diary of a Wimpy Kid (let’s face it, all kids his age are reading that series).

We sat down later that evening and wrote down his ideas. We did this each evening for a few days. As we were brainstorming ideas and even beginning to write the first chapter, I came to the realization that my son really, truly wanted to get this book idea written and published. And after about a week or two, I came to another realization… I am NOT a fiction writer. I don’t have the creativity to put into words all these ideas my son was having.

Not wanting to let my son down, I did want any mother would do…. I called in a favor to¬† A). the one person I knew who had the creative mind to do the writing, and B). the one person who would WANT to help. My dad.

Over the next few months my dad took Luke’s ideas and provided a road, created the characters, and painted the scenery along the road they traveled.

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal, is the result of all the ideas. AND it is now available through Amazon. (P.S. You are more than welcome to pick up a copy for yourself and/or your kids)

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal available through AmazonThe story deals in part with making wise choices, responsibility, dealing with bullies, and conquering fear. Without being too obvious, lessons have been incorporated to strengthen human relationships and the readers will learn through the experiences of the characters.

The day we received our copies of the book was an exciting one. Naturally he was thrilled. Want to hear him squeal with joy?


I *might* be a little proud of this guy.


  1. Lydia Haselhuhn says:

    I’m so proud of ALL of you and what you have accomplished. Dad is having a great time and Luke’s desire has become a reality. Cheers!!

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