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What I Wore: Twinners

“They” say that the longer you spend time with someone you start to dress alike.

So, the other day my girlfriend came over, and when I opened the door it was as though I was looking in a mirror.  Even our silver hoop earrings were the same. Of course, we HAD to document this.


Next time, I’ll send the “what to wear” memo to you, too :)


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I love White

I am a little late in posting this. I had hoped to finish it last night. However, my husband came home and saw that I was noticeably not feeling so hot, so he ordered me to go to bed. I love that man. He worked a long (busy) day and then took  care of the dinner dishes & bath time.

I can’t recall the last time I slept 10 hours. I woke up feeling great!  Alas, this blog post is a little delayed.

Moving along…
Sometimes I am a rule breaker. One rule I don’t follow is : NEVER WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY.

That’s right, I am quite the rebel, aren’t I?

I love white and will continue to wear it, even after Labor Day.

White shorts: SOLD Design Lab – found at Loehmann’s
White Top: ModBod
Blue Sweater: h.i.p. from Nordstrom
Sandals: Target

Shorts: Yes, it’s those same white shorts that I am obviously obsessed with.
Tank:  Old Navy
Top: Kohl’s
Sandals: Target

Skirt: Chaudry KC found at Loehmann’s
Top: ModBod
Sandals:  TJ Maxx

White also helps when it’s HOT outside! It’s been reflecting the sun rays for me this week.

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What I Wore Wednesday: Vacation Edition

Welcome to my WIWW post! Here I am documenting the fact that I get out of my gym clothes and putting a little effort into getting dressed. Considering that this is the vacation edition of WIWW, getting out of my gym clothes not even a question, because I didn’t pack them.

I have been horrible at taking photos of myself lately, combined with the fact that throughout our family vacation, I was the one taking most all photos; this week, I am only posting 2 photos.

Las Vegas at the MGM Grand – we went to play with the Lions… or rather to check out the habitat from behind a glass wall.

Top: Cielo – found at Loehmann’s
Shorts: Sold by Design – found at Loehmann’s
Sandals: Target
Accessories on each arm: My two cute boys

Side note: I am kind of obsessed with these white shorts. I wear them all the time. I need to get another pair.
On a related note: I am kind of obsessed with Loehmann’s.

Grand Canyon – (kind of a slouchy pose)

Top: Rebecca Beeson – Found at Loehmann’s
Denim: Joe’s Jeans – Found at Loehmann’s
Shoes: Converse All Stars

Props to the Hubby, he reminded me that I needed a WIWW picture while at the Grand Canyon, so I struck a pose.

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What I Wore Wednesday: Help me break my lazy habit

This is my first link up with Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy

First of all, let me preface this post by saying that I am not doing this because I feel the need to share my incredibly amazing and stylish wardrobe with you (can you read the sarcasm in that?). In fact, most of my clothing these days is purchased on the fly while at Target, or if the kids are behaving I may survive  a quick run through H&M or Loehmann’s.

I decided to participate because I have gotten way too lazy these days. I get up early in the morning put my workout clothes on – & while most mornings I actually get my butt to the gym, some mornings … let’s just say I have good intentions to go. This is why I need to join Lindsay and the other gals:

Here goes with week 1 of What I Wore Wednesday:

Day 1:

Jeggings – Old Navy
Apron top – Shade
Short sleeved cropped sweater -Old Navy
Boots – Steve Madden
Turquoise jewelry set – street vendor in San Francisco

Tell me… Too much turquoise for one outfit?

Day 2

Denim shorts – Gap
Stripped top – Shade
gold sandals – TJ Max
newsboy hat – Target
flower embellishment – The Pleated Poppy

Day 3

Navy dress – Loehmann’s)
Shoes – Madden Girl (found at TJ Max)

Day 4

Green top – Loehmann’s
White skirt – Loehmann’s
Sandals – Target
Jade necklace – family heirloom (from great grandma)

So… what did you wear this week?